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Meet Tracy Beavers, ROAR's founder


Beavers started a design business in 1996, which she quickly expanded into a full-service marketing firm with in-house design capabilities providing full-service marketing planning and execution. Since then she has written marketing plans and communications programs for product manufacturers, professional services, promotional companies, financial services, non-profits, event companies, security services and more on a national, regional and local level.


Over the course of her industry experience, Beavers has worked in all media, with all levels of marketing and creative talent. She believes strongly that each company carries it’s own metaphorical “DNA” based on the all dynamics that make it up.




Beavers approaches communications efforts from a standpoint of building long-term relationships on behalf of her clientele. Being a marketing firm with an inhouse design team vs. just being a design team forces Beavers everyday to consider the behaviors of her targets and how to best impact the relationship to her clients.


Projects are always produced with results in mind. We have access to a complete range of proven freelance talent across the country. This includes creative directors; art directors, copywriters, artists, illustrators, photographers, web coders, user experience professionals, and most certainly account supervision and strategy. ROAR provides all of the talents associated with a full service agency, but on a per project basis. This way client fees don’t have to cover the cost of fulltime talent.




Beavers’ skills for developing campaigns started in her collegiate years when managing the income for the University newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan. She oversaw 14 sales people, creative director, and an assistant (while attending college) and generated more income by a 34% margin than the paper had seen in 82 years. The DN published five days a week and on football Saturdays. Beavers transformed the way they sold advertising through strategic planning, research, advertising and sales training—and in her final year took the four top national awards for collegiate newspapers. Taking on the whole marketing program came early for Beavers.


Upon winning the awards, Beavers was recruited to a top-ten West Coast ad agency, The Lorsch Group, as their Director of Sales Promotion. She developed programs to engage customers and lunch campaigns supporting the agency’s national campaigns. This included working with clients including Northrop Corporation, American Isuzu Motors, Motown Records, Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, Neutrogena, Hunt Wesson, Orville Redenbacher and more.


Beavers also worked for a national top-ten design firm, SHR Perceptual Management, where she supervised production teams for national collateral for GMC Truck, Jaguar, Volkswagen of America, MerCruiser’s Black Scorpion and SHR itself.


When the entrepreneurial bug hit her, Beavers went on to launch her own automotive aftermarket manufacturing business in Scottsdale, which grew to an average of $800,000 in revenue monthly within two years.


Beavers is a direct, no nonsense “hands on” marketing expert. She has studied how people buy for so many years, she has the experience required to dive right into how to “turn it up” on your next communication effort.



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