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Current Projects

"Look you in the eye" campaign


When we took on the branding of Cogent Valuation -- they weren't looking for a logo—rather, they were looking for a way to leave a lasting impression with those who went to their site to learn more about a recent referral. While, as always, we offer three alternatives to select from; the option they chose was far more expensive, yet, worth every dollar.  According to one of four managing directors at the company, within 3 weeks of the site going up, they received calls for new business eliminating the competitor.


We looked at the business. This is a company that is setting price stock values and determining peoples value. Our approach is to make certain that those who has a final say about their findings are "UP FRONT AND CENTER". We called it the "LOOK YOU IN THE EYE" campaign. We also included four of the company's distinguishing characteristics as statements from the principals. If someone was going to define your value, wouldn't you like to look them in the eye first?

Complex problem solving



This is a company that serves so many services on behalf of its clientele, Total Brand Delivery's CEO wanted a home page for its website that communicated them all; including communicating the special ways TBD overcame obstacles to meet client needs, everyday. He also wanted to find a way of communicating all of the services that differentiate this company from the average sales promotion sales person.


With a history in national sales promotion programs, we recognize the many different ways this company is different from the average promotional products company.


Our solution started with developing visual case studies of their highest profile clientele; nationally recognized companies. We also outlined the scope of each program, the special circumstances and how problem-solving is an everyday part of TBD's service. We further reinforced managing all the parts through one service by repeating the slogan on each case study: "One call, one company and one point of contact”.


These case studies sit above a list of the specific services available to carry out these kind of programs. We enforced Total Brand Delivery's customer service by including client testimonials on the right side of the page which are also from their largest and most high profile clients to promote confidence. As such, no site visitor will have to leave the home page to KNOW the scope of services, scale of programs and the unlimited ways this company is willing to go to meet the needs of its clients. Also included on this one page hub a portal to customer inventory, client project log-in and the portal required to researching over 5,000 products.



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