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Know your customers and their buying behavior.


Strategic Planning

Marketing Research

Market Analysis

Competitor’s Review

Marketing Plans
Primary Research / Survey

Product Launch

SWOT Analysis

Sales Review

Branding & Positioning


At ROAR, we know that any communication effort is an expensive one. We know that

the better you identify and understand your prospects and customers, the better you will be able to define and produce the programs best suited for reaching them. Marketing programs that are built using a strategic platform are carried out with more purpose, and thereby generate better response. Why? Because they are based on educated choices.


Each client’s marketing needs are unique, which is why ROAR is equipped to handle the gamut. Industry analysis, product launch, marketing plan, ad campaign, brand development -- you name it, ROAR can manage it.


We will survey, interview, research, evaluate, analyze and make recommendations to get you closer to making well-educated decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars. The evolution of media alone is demanding this among many companies now.


Marketing research solves problems as it better educates you on what actions are required to succeed at your next move. Ask Tracy to show you some of her previous produced marketing plans and what how they proved to serve each respective company.

Communicate authentically and regularly.


Content Creation

Social Media

E-Mail Marketing

Integrated Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Promotional Programs

Media Planning

Lead Generation Programs

Trade Show Programs

Sales Support Services

Search Engine Optimization

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns


At ROAR, we create and produce communications programs that make the right kind of noise. Our clients’ messages are heard by the right prospects, in the right context, using the most lucrative media channels. One might say our clients ROAR wisely communicating in a way that will deepen a connection or inspire a prospect to act.


Everyone has heard the phrase, “Content is king,” but do we know why it’s true? It’s simple. Content is of the utmost importance because relevance makes a huge difference when it comes to getting and keeping a prospect’s attention. Using content to communicate your value over time is what makes one company the industry expert over another. With such diversified media opportunities available, be certain that if you aren’t communicating with your customers, your competitors most certainly are.


There is no scarcity of tactics out there to help gain direct access to prospects. Regardless of what service you sell, or what product you manufacture, there will always be the “right” time when your prospect is wearing their buying hat. This is the time to communicate how you can make their lives easier, better, more efficient, or more profitable. Beavers’ believes successful programs are built by knowing how your prospects listen, as well as when, where, and why they listen. How better to gain their ear? Only then can a company ROAR.

Appeal to your clients and prospects in "their language" and in the context of "their needs".


Brand Identity

Copy Writing


E-Mail Program


Sales Collateral


Print Supervision


Website Design


It’s not enough to know what you want to say. You must also know how to illustrate your company’s advantage, how to give it the right graphic backdrop. Creativity becomes the primary differential when gaining the attention of your customer or prospect.


“We contract creative talent per project or per program so your fees don’t have the hidden costs

of full-time talent.”


Projects are always produced with results in mind. We have access to a complete range of proven freelance talent across the country. This includes creative directors; art directors, copywriters, artists, illustrators, photographers, web coders, user experience professionals, and most certainly account supervision and strategy. ROAR provides all of the talents associated with a full service agency, but on a per project basis. This way your fees don’t have to cover the cost of fulltime talent.


Beavers partners with some of the country’s best, most accomplished talent. These freelancers are selected specifically with the client’s needs in mind. What’s more, the talent ROAR calls on trusts that they are being hired for a project specific to their field of expertise.

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