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Our approach

The best way to meet your company's needs.


Strategy behind each move


Beavers started ROAR Marketing Group in the interest of providing clients access to a a team of marketing and creative professionals based on their projects(s) at hand. We have experience stepping in at any point of planning, creative or production required by our clients. We apply critical thinking, consideration for your market, the media and your client, specifically to any and all plan.


Making the most impact

Marketing and communications planning sets the stage for dictating where the investment in activities, designed to engage prospects, will actually make the most impact. It establishes a direction and a pace. From there, everyone moves forward as a team, knowing what it is building and whom it is serving. This makes all other decisions alight through a specific strategy and purpose.


Recommendations based on facts

We know that communicating  on any level today can be expensive. Media is so diverse that if you don't know whom your customers are and where they are likely to be reached, advertising and communication efforts can get very expensive using trial and error as an option. It is better to learn more about whom your prospects are and where it is best to reach them. This is the place to utilize market planning—that way our recommendations are based on actual evidence and your dollar is spent efficiently and with results in mind.


Per project, per program and by objective

ROAR Marketing Group's founder, Tracy Beavers, has a long history of managing successful marketing and communications programs. Her experience runs the gamut in producing highly impactful programming and high quality production. SHe puts together teams on a "per project" basis so they run efficiently and with purpose. each project is briefed, budgeted and approved before it begins.


ROAR emphasizes a strategic approach, followed by hands-on implementation. The company employs a wide range of techniques and tools to help clients reach goals, identify and maximize opportunities, and solve problems.



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