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The online game is big and it's growing

As a product of the recession, many entrepreneurs lack certainty on how to get back in on (what has turned into) a much bigger marketing game. The Internet and its associated online behavior have evolved tremendously.

No longer is a website a stagnant online brochure; it has become an online user experience. Social media now provides the opportunity to create a global conversation about your products or services and have made companies popular overnight. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now has the power to completely change a company’s positioning in the marketplace.

With thousands of media channels to communicate through these days, we believe one of the most important moves a company can make is to do the research required to find out how to properly target their communications dollar. So many executives shoot from the hip and spend a bit here and a bit there never really digging deep into the market of any one medium. Making that selection is about getting to know your customer enough to know what influences their buying decisions. Not every company should be using social media. For some companies, ranking on the Internet may not impact their bottom line. We recommend that clients start by taking stock of their company’s current position in the marketplace; grasp the post-recession changes in buying behavior and build your communications program budgets based on your findings.

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